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Educational Activity Research Centre (EARC) works as an educational extension of Jnana Prabodhini documenting, enhancing, spreading and advocating Jnana Prabodhini's educational philosophy in various domains. Our projects are the expressions of our motto 'Man making Education'. 

Teachers' Training Program

For Teachers


• Introduction to new curricula prescribed by different boards and state education departments

• Concept formation and concept teaching



• Introduction to teaching-learning methods like activity-based learning, project-based learning, and experiential learning and technology-enhanced learning.

• Soft skill development modules for teachers such as Planning skills, Communication skills, Guidance and Counselling.

• Modules to enrich student’s skills like self-study skills, reading skills, creative writing, observation skill, creative thinking


• To design Educational activity enrichment programme by adopting JP’s innovative educational practices.

• Training teacher leaders for pedagogical leadership.

Self-Study Skill Workshop

          Learning is lifelong and hence it becomes important for everyone to acquire the skills of learning to learn on their own. In simple language these are "Self Study Skills" which every student has to imbibe. This need has become more prominent  during Pandemic times. At EARC, we have systematically developed modules for Self study skills, for students and teachers, which will facilitate them to acquire the skillset. The entire content has been divided into four major modules. Introductory module contains need analysis, goal setting, study habits, study steps and study planning. The module on learning skills include training towards enrichment of reading skills, listening skills, writing skills and memory techniques.
      The third module mainly focuses on information processing and reorganization where as last module helps for preparing for examinations.
These workshops are conducted in offline as well as online mode

Compete Prabodhini Way

       Various competitive exams like primary and pre secondary scholarships, NMMS, Homi bhabha, NTSE etc. do play a vital role during school days. They provide altogether different perspective to school studies. Success in such exams is always a pride for any student and it also increases the confidence level to face the challenges of all future entrance and the other exams.
       Proper guidance for preparation is a must an important requirement. Jana Prabodhini has been doing this for last 25 years. In this era of Information Technology we have designed a blended module including offline and online interactive sessions, training on self study techniques and practice through automatized application called " Compete Prabodhini Way (CPW)".
      This app has features like chapterwise test, mock tests, answer hints, performance analysis etc.
For Students

school enrichment program

To improve efficiency of teaching-learning processes by
adopting JP’s innovative educational practices in school system

For Schools
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